What Is an Outlet Store?
An outlet store is a kind of retail business that sells things directly from a manufacturer to the consumer. For example, if you wanted to buy a new pair of Adidas shoes, you could go to an Adidas outlet store instead of going to a traditional shoe store.

The Differences Between Outlet Stores and Traditional Retail Stores
The first and most important difference between an outlet store and a traditional retail store is that the outlet store is directly owned by the company that makes the goods that are sold there. A retail store may sell products manufactured by several different brands in their shop, but the outlet store is selling only one brand’s products, because the outlet is owned by the brand.

Why Do Outlet Stores Offer Such Big Discounts on Their Products?
The economic downturn in the United States has been a terrible blow to many retail stores. In most shopping malls around the country, one out of every eleven store sites is empty because they just can’t attract customers and stay in business. Outlet stores, on the other hand, are doing exceptionally well.

The Difference in Product Quality Between Outlet Stores and Retail Stores
Are Outlet Store Products Cheaper Because They Are of Lower Quality Than Those in Retail Stores? The short answer is yes, of course. When you pay less for something, you can expect to get less for it. However, the difference in quality is not as great as you might expect. The quality standards for products sold in retail stores may actually be much higher than you know.

The Differences Between Online Outlet and Brick-And-Mortar Outlet
An online outlet store is just like a normal outlet store, except that it is selling its heavily discounted products over the internet. “Brick-and-Mortar” outlet store just means a real outlet store that is built out of bricks and mortar and really exists somewhere.

How Can You Prepare Before Going to an Outlet Store to Get a Good Deal?
When you go to an outlet store, you will see that the price tags often say what the original price of the item is in a retail store. However, it’s hard to say where this “original price” comes from or how reliable it is. Instead, you may want to go online and find out what the real retail prices are for some products that you would like to buy.